Empowering Artists

SweatyNFT is an all-in-one NFT toolset for artists

- Generate up to 10,000 unique randomly-generated artworks
- Launch NFT collection to Ethereum, Polygon or Tezos blockchain
- Sell NFT tokens through marketplace, minting page, or existing website

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  • Import and Generate

    It’s quick and easy to create a generated art collection. With all of your layers organized in a single photoshop file (not separate PNG files), you can import the Photoshop file directly into SweatyNFT to instantly start generating random artworks.

    The SweatyNFT Art Generator can produce up to 10,000 high-quality JPEG images, with no limit to the image resolution. Save the images to your computer in a single click.

  • Customize Rarity

    The rarity of each trait can be customized with pinpoint accuracy. Trait metadata is automatically generated and saved when you export the images.

Generated With SweatyNFT

Sweet Eyes

Sarisa Kojima

Musical Jackal

Indra Aziz


Clarrisa Veronica

Absurtz Face

Absurtz Face

  • Choose Testnet or Mainnet

    Want to take the app for a test drive first? Launch your collection to Testnet. It’s a fake blockchain that mimics the real one. Use fake currency to test out the minting process and get comfortable with crypto wallets. Once you’re ready, you can launch an NFT collection to the Mainnet blockchain with real-value currency and start monetizing.

  • Choose a Blockchain

    The Ethereum, Polygon and Tezos blockchains are fully supported. Ethereum is great for high-budget projects. Polygon has more affordable gas fees. Tezos has a thriving up-and-coming art community.

  • Upload Images

    All artwork images are uploaded (pinned) to IPFS, the decentralized file system of choice for NFT projects. All major NFT marketplaces fully support IPFS-hosted content.

  • Click and Launch

    Simple just click to connect your wallet and Upload images to IPFS then you Ready to deploy your collection!

Launch an NFT Collection

Launch your own no-code smart contract NFT collection to the blockchain in a few simple steps.

Generate up to 10K unique artworks

Start your own collection now!

How do you want to sell your NFT collection?

The SweatyNFT cloud platform offers a few different options to help you monetize your NFT collection.

  • Marketplace

    The easiest way to monetize your NFT collection. List your NFT tokens for sale on OpenSea, Rarible and other supported marketplaces.

  • Storefront

    Storefront is an instant minting page hosted on the swty.art domain. No website required. Customize the look and feel of your page. Set your own token minting price. Manage your presale whitelist, minting limits, hide-and-reveal, and more.

  • Mint Button

    Sell tokens on your own website with a custom minting button. SweatyDapp is a Javascript library to easily integrate blockchain minting functionality into your website. Some programming experience is required.

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We are moving to web

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Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a program that is deployed to the blockchain. A smart contract also has a monetary balance, and can use code in

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