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Networks: Mainnet vs Testnet

The mainnet is the primary blockchain, which is where real-value transactions take place. Mainnet ETH is used on Ethereum, MATIC on Polygon, and TEZ (also known as XTZ) on Tezos.

However, when it comes to deploying smart contracts on Ethereum, Polygon or Tezos, there are ways for things to go wrong and once data is put on the blockchain, there will always be a history of the data left behind.

Thankfully, there are testnets that allow you to deploy to a test copy of a blockchain with fake currency from a “faucet”.

It is best practice to always test your contract on the testnet before you deploy on the mainnet, this way you confirm the collection comes out the way you intend.

For each blockchain there is a “mainnet” with real currency and a “testnet” with fake currency.

  • Ethereum uses Rinkeby Testnet
  • Polygon uses Mumbai Testnet
  • Tezos uses Hangzhounet Testnet

You can get some test ETH, MATIC, or TEZ using a faucet.

For Ethereum and Polygon, you will be sent ETH or MATIC to your existing (Metamask) account. However, with Tezos Hangzounet, you will be provided a fresh new Tezos account, that can be imported into your (Temple) wallet.